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Looking for an eBike Test Ride? Schedule time with Phil.

Come in today to test ride from our wide selection of the highest quality standard ebike available. We partner directly with manufacturers to maintain nothing but the best and latest in design, quality and experience from today electric bicycles.

Phil, truly is at home around these ebikes – so ask him anything. He gives each customer the time and attention they need and deserve. 

If you have any special needs or requests we are happy to help. Please let Phil know via phone at 941-276-3126 or email

If you’re thinking about getting a new bicycle, come in today to look at the latest innovations in two wheel transportation. Electric Bicycles are easy to ride and make riding a bicycle a breeze! Pedal Assistant technology takes all the strain away and is easier on your knees and legs.

Customization, added safety features and engine codes ensure the perfect fit for every type of rider. If you want to restrict the speed settings it’s as easy as pushing a button.

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