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Pedelec SQB is a multi-brand electric bicycle shop. We offer every kind of eBike. Most of them are on our sales floor, ready for a free test ride. If you don’t see it, we are glad to get it for you. Come in and find out!
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Welcome To pedelec SQB

In 2015 Pedelec SQB electric bicycles Punta Gorda opened their doors in a time when most people thought electric bicycles would be toys and nobody would come through an e-bike shop’s doors to ever buy one. About Pedelec SQB electric bikes it was said “they will be out of business within half a year.


Since then, the Swiss knowledge about e-bikes, collected by the owner Philipp Pfaeffli since 2003, helped constantly building up Pedelec SQB electric bicycle Punta Gorda to the point where Pedelec SQB electric bicycle has become a well-known name within the electric bicycle community of Southwest Florida. Still, we are a small company close to our customers, committed to the true meaning of SQB – Swiss Quality Bound.


The e-bike market has grown exponentially across the country. Today Pedelec SQB electric bicycle is well known to offer a wide variety of high-quality brands. Not only selling these bikes but maintaining and repairing any of them.


If you like old fashioned service and the latest technology you don’t have to look any further. Start with a test ride on any of over 20 different models on the Pedelec sales floor. And be at ease that after you made a purchase, you get the best support you can get for your valued vehicle – at Pedelec SQB electric bicycle Punta Gorda.


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With the free test rides on any of our eBikes in stock, we make it real easy for you to find the matching eBike for you.

Stromer ST2


Efficient, powerful, customizable: The ST2 is your partner for commuting and everyday use – fully connected and the first Stromer e-bike with a durable carbon belt drive for more pleasure in commuting.
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Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 14.32.56

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Changing Mobility

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We love to work on good quality eBikes. Whether it is the mechanical part or the electric, it doesn’t matter. We take care of it.

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We service and sell more than 20 brands of eBikes. We are your #1 spot for eBike intelligence.


Buying an electric bicycle at Pedelec SQB includes (not limited to) excellent advise, no pressure, free test rides, eBike fitting, customizing, after sales service like 90days/200miles free safety check and lifetime support.

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Dolor platea nunc eu urna amet massa volutpat viverra consequat id consequat nisi praesent vestibulum non vivamus odio mi.