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A sensor triggers the motors assist when you start pedaling.

When you switch on the assist and start pedaling, the motor starts working.
When you stop, the motor stops.
When you pull the brake, the motor stops.

Just like a regular bike you go nowhere unless you pedal forward.
Every Lady has her own demands, as do Gentlemen.

Today there are more designs than ever before. Thus there is no clear definition anymore what kind of bike should be ridden by what gender.

There is only one simple answer to that: Many styles for every preference.
There are eBikes on the market, especially on the Internet starting around $600 (the price for a quality lithium-ion battery pack).

On the upper end are high tech bikes for $10,000.

PedelecSQB covers a reasonable price range starting with a good quality starting around $1,700 and $10,000 on the top notch high tech models.

Think about economy class automobiles versus top end luxury.

First, please compare the prices with what you get for that price on regular bikes. You will find out that the same quality with or without a motor doses not make a big difference price wise.

Second, they may look like regular bicycles but they have to be sturdier since pedelecs are electric motor supported vehicles.

Anything that may be cheaply made on pedelecs is a potential danger to the rider.

We only use parts that meet a high-quality standard.
3-5 years or 400-1000 full charging cycles with Li-Ion cells of all Pedelecs at our shop.

Tip: Charge after every ride. *If storing recharge at least every 6 months*

Store battery at a temperature you would feel comfortable in your house.

The longer a battery sits uncharged, the faster the life will be reduced. Keep them at room temperatures.
Tires come in different qualities. Expect a range of 2000-5000 miles.

Tires on the market available that last up to 8,000 miles.
Same as a cell phone.

You can charge the batteries with the standard accessory charger on every regular power outlet.

Some high tech bikes do have a recuperation system, which recharges some energy while riding as you press the brakes.
Between 1-5 years.

Depending on the components and batteries quality, some brands required online registration.

Complete eBike repair services available.
The bikes at PedelecSQB are from Switzerland, Spain, Germany and USA.

Even from China, if the quality makes it up to our demands.

For many it is like with the “Highlander”: “I come from different places.”

Varies by the manufacturer – between 48-65 pounds.

Your settings mainly impact how far.

Let’s say you go on the lowest support – which just makes pedaling easier for you – our quality electric bicycle can vary between 30-120 miles per charge.

It depends on what level of assist you choose and how much you pedal yourself. You can do a mix of both.
Most of the factory made Electric Bicycle assists you up to 20mph.

There is another category that supports you up to 28mph.
A standard battery like on one of our cruiser bikes is available under $500.

A high-end battery like on a Stromer ST2 S goes for $1,600. Similar technology as on a Tesla car!

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