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  • Phil | Founder

    The Legend says, when 4 years old his parents bought his first bicycle from a store in Barcelona (Spain).

    They sat him on the bike and encouraged him to pedal.

    When arriving at the spot where they had parked their car, his dad said to his mom:

    “Look at him! He doesn’t need the training wheels. Let’s take them off.”

    Ever since Philipp Pfäffli rode bicycles. And as soon as electric ones came up in Europe, he fell in love with them. He spent time at the family’s best friend Electric Bicycle Shop in Switzerland.

    He built his knowledge about the technical, interned at a top-notch electric bicycle factory and knotted contacts in the industry.

    All this he brought to Florida, to help build up a conscious for the alternative, environmental friendly transportation.

    Quality and Service Guarantee
    "Switzerland is known worldwide for the quality of their products. Every pedelecSQB electric bicycle offered meets strict high standards to maintain a Swiss Quality Bond (SQB)."

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    After move sale

    Come in and ride some of our sales! Starting at $990 with a nice used one. New ones available starting at $1399. Even if you are not in the market for an electric bicycle, it is always a stunning experience to ride one for the first time (no strings attached).

    A bike for men!

    Comming this summer! The Ruffian - Electrifying Road Adventures. Cruise in the style of Motorbikes through your streets with this dynamic and powerful eBike „THE RUFFIAN“ and catch the attention of all Bystanders. Equipped with the extreme Power of the strongest Bosch...

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