Rayvolt Cruizer Classic


Classic Cruizer with endless options!

A high-performance eBike the RAYVOLT is produced for every body who just loves the look of classic motorcycles.  Stylish ride, with the added benefit of riding a zero-emissions vehicle! Perfect for short communtes between 5 and 20 miles.

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Carbon Steel, size small and medium


Composite shell covered by leather


Rigid with motorcycle bridges


Rayvolt oil disk brakes with IRBS (recuperation system)


Rayvolt MSART HUB 200-400W or
Rayolt POWER HUB 250-1000W


Samsung Li-ion 48V, 550Wh or
Samsung Li-oin Dual 48V, 1100Wh


20mph or 27mph

Speed control

Pedal asisst sensor or thumb throttle


24 or 26"


Full of Character

The Rayvol design aligns a classic vintage look with cutting edge technology creating a timeless Vehicle.
The Eiva is a Rayvolt’s developed software to control, customize and monitor your Rayvolt bike. It can be used with the additional available computer or as app on Android or iPhone.
The regenerating braking acts like an ultra powerful dynamo when the levers are pulled. Thus recharging your Rayvolts battery.
The Rayvolt’s colors have memorizable names like Gun Metal Grey, British Racing Green or Clock Work Orange …


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