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Our Story

When the owner Philipp Pfäffli (Orig. from Switzerland) was visiting relatives in Punta Gorda (FL), a couple of years ago, he met his wife.

He did not have to think about much, when he had to decide how to make a living in Florida with her.

The weather, the growing infrastructure for the bicycle in southwest Florida, the quality of electric bicycles he could offer through his contacts in the industry and his experience with this amazing vehicles made it easy.

Two years of hard work between Florida and Switzerland yield in a Shop dedicated to electric bicycles and a Shop in the Shop concept with healthy food supplies of Smoothies&Sandwiches.

Within one year the bikes were rolling from Tampa to Cape Coral.

Ridden by commuters and for fun, enhancing the range of elder people, making live easier for rehabs, where rented to hotel guests and even considered for service by police bicycle units.

Premium Standard Features


  • Digital Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Light Weight: aluminum and carbon fiber
  • Disk Brakes (Hydraulic)
  • Powerful Motor (mid-frame or rear-hub up to 500 watts)
  • Range up to 120 miles (per charge)
  • USB Port to charge you Smartphone while you ride!
  • We can even customize your eBike Software with your preferred settings saved!

The Pedelec-Electric Bike helps you bicycle easier than before!

New Location! Pictures coming soon…

Meet the Team

Phil of pedelecSQB

Phil of pedelecSQB


Providing Service Excellence.
Shaneeza of FreshPowerSmoothies

Shaneeza of FreshPowerSmoothies


Uniquely crafted healthy smoothies, sandwiches, wraps and more.



Distinguished and friendly helper.


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Ensuring efficient documentation filing.

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