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Why your next ride could be an eBike

Young or old, for urban or sporty use, the eBikes electric motor boost makes a longer distance ride more relaxing and you reach your destination feeling fresher. Beginning as a niche, eBikes have become a trend. Did you know that the worldwide most sold electric vehicle are eBikes?
Deciding to ride an eBike is well worthwhile. Read on to find out how the eBike is connecting people more than setting them apart.

  1. Environment Benefits
    Pedelec users go with the flow and not against the environment, especially if you use it on a daily bases. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the CO2 emissions of a car are around 40 times higher than a battery-powered bicycle motor. You’re protecting the environment with your choice to use an eBike rather than a car for short distances, and also travelling quieter and economically.
  2. Win the battle against headwinds
    On occasion you may catch a strong wind blowing against you or have to travel up a steep hill and this will quickly wear down your energy. Without even touching the dial, the variable assistance will automatically adjust to maintain an even pedal resistance to your settings. Now you can start you ascent almost effortlessly, making mountains and headwinds a challenge of the past; it’s possible with eBike technology.
  3. Keeping fit, while it makes you mobile
    Not just for those who want to take it easy. Despite having the power assistance you still have to pedal to get moving. It’s completely in your control how much power assistance you want or need at your finger tips. Studies have found that eBikers get on their bikes more often and cover much longer distances than a normal cyclist. Now is the time to get back on a back with power assistance whether you prefer comfort or sporting use.
  4. The perfect commute
    Would you like to keep fit while on your commute? The easiest choose is an eBike. Consider the statistics in Germany at a glance, 30 million commuters and nearly 25 million of them travel less than 15 miles to work. eBikes are ideal for a commute of this distance or less.
  5. Ease, exercise, powerful boost
    Thanks to the adjustable assistance provided by the eBike drive system an eBike is ideal for fitness training or getting back on your feet.
  6. Happy trails, go on a tour
    Riding in a group? When people have unequal physical fitness conditions and expectations when they set out on a tour together, the mood can turn fast. That is when your little motor can save the day. Power assistance offsets differences in performance and brings people closer together again – the results are a tour experience everyone is happy to repeat.
  7. Easy savings, keep your wallet full
    eBikes are much less expensive than cars are to purchase and maintain. Considering the costs of fuel, insurance premiums, and parking charges – with an eBike your costs are zero. What plans come to mind?
  8. Fun in the sun
    eBikes make cycling less work and more fun. Remember what it was like to ride your bike as a kid and never get tired? Relive your child hood with power assistance and sail past mony other road users freely and easily. In the city, the pedelec is often the fastest mode of transportation available over the greater distance you can easily keep up with car drivers.
  9. No parking issues
    Commuting through town and in the city is faster, with more flexibility you’ll leave a trail behind while others wait to get through traffic. You can cover distances more easily and increase your usual travel distance. Having power assistance gives you an advantage.
  10. Something for everyone
    The eBike market is rapidly expanding with new models and updates. Pedelecs take you up to 25 mph, with a wide range to choose from you will find the right eBike for every kind of person.
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