A bike for men!

Comming this summer! The Ruffian – Electrifying Road Adventures. Cruise in the style of Motorbikes through your streets with this dynamic and powerful eBike „THE RUFFIAN“ and catch the attention of all Bystanders. Equipped with the extreme Power of the strongest...

Do you sell e-trikes too?

Yes we do sell e-trikes. There are not many proper e-trikes on the market thought. Thanks to our research and connections in the industry we are able to offer you the trike from iZip, model E3 GO. We have it in stock and offer test rides. You find more information on...

Past Newsletters

Many useful information is to be found in the newsletters. If you just joyned the community of Customer and Friends of pedelec SQB Electric Bicycle Store or curios about electric bicycle, here you find the newsletters published up to September 2016. Year 2016 February...
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